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Virtual Community Engine (VCe)

The VCe is VA's flagship product. It is a highly customisable solution allowing collaborative construction of web presences, content management and customer relationship management. It works straight "out of the box" with quick customisation, and yet is very flexible.

VCe is a relational database XML/XSLT web server designed specifically for collaborative production of large websites. Everyone from the site designer and programmer to the marketing manager can use the same web based VCe interface.

VCe employs VCML - the html tag extension language (Virtual Community Modelling Language), allowing database lookups, searches, conditions etc to be placed within an "html" document. VCML pages can contain VCML Chunks and Settings, allowing highly modular code design, which in turn leads to reduced cost of maintenance, and simple redisign of sites without having to think about content.

VCe2 brings XML and XSLT technologies to the VCe, allowing for external XML publishing systems (such as Cocoon) to take care of front end live HTML production (or PDF production or whatever).

Benefits of the VCe

  • Automates the Online Publishing Process
  • Automatically Renders Files and Mirrors to Remote Locations
  • Tag-based Scripting Language, VCML, allows:
    • Interaction with and presentation of database information
    • Flow control (if, repeat etc)
    • Creation and use of recursive macro sets
    • Site (global), or page (local) settings
    • Set arithmatic on selections of objects
    • Case adjustment
    • Background agent scripting
  • Built In Agents
    • Page rendering
    • File mirroring
    • Targeted email
    • Keyword indexing
  • Multiple File Format Production
    • HTML
    • XML
    • XSL / XSLT
    • VRML
    • JavaScript
    • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
    • ASP (Active Server Pages)
    • or define your own page types
  • Complete Browser-based Authoring Environment and Maintenance
    • Database Editing
    • Edit Settings, VCML Pages and Chunks
    • File Management
    • Rendering and Mirroring
    • Author, Publish and Schedule Stories, Uploads, Events, Projects etc
    • Multimedia Object Upload and Attachment to Stories, Events etc
      • QuickRime
      • Jpeg
      • Shockwave
      • Flash
      • Java Applets
      • GIF
      • Real
        NOTE: the VCe will automatically install uploaded Real Media, QuickTime and Windows Media Player files to the appropriate streaming server and create the correct pointer files (.ram, .mov)
      • add your own multimedia object types.
  • Automatically Manages Services, Products, Events, Performances, Links, People, Venues, Purchases, Payments, Uploads, etc
  • Integrated Keyword Search Abilities
  • Fuzzy Logic Engine for 'select-similar' style queries
  • Version Management and Final Authorisation Systems
  • Simple yet powerful means of implememting
    • Intranet/extranet hybrid applications
    • Festival Management
    • Event guides
    • Magazines
    • Directories
    • Forums
    • Communities

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